Izora, UAB

About us

JSC Izora was established back in 1992. The demand to buy interesting gifts, to cook and spend more time at home signalized that a variety of tableware, souvenirs, gifts or kitchen appliances is desired. As a result of this demand, we have created a task to provide clients with high quality, interesting and practical design products. At the moment, there are 60 people employed in our company. JSC Izora is a guaranteed wholesaler as we communicated with manufactures and suppliers directly. We also manage our brand shops Bohemia and the online store www.bohemia.lt


During 20 years of business we have created big assortment, so every client could find what they need for their home, presents or decorations. We represent famous brands from all over the world, hence we are capable of offering best prices and quantity. 

Our customers are the base of our company, therefore, we always listen to your feedback and react to it accordingly. We always try to create great conditions for your business. 


JSC Izora - a great start for your business, guaranteed supplier and long-term associate.